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Transnational Marketing Journal aims to fill a gap in providing an outlet for studies covering transnational marketing and transnational consumers. More and more firms and organisations are operating in and from multiple geographies and targeting consumers and businesses transnationally. Increasing transnational mobility and growing number of people pursuing mobile lives spreading across national borders is also requiring appropriate marketing put new challenges on marketing professionals, researchers and scholars. Transnational Marketing Journal invites practitioners, consultants, and academics to submit papers worthy of contribution to the literature. We invite papers that model marketing, critically discuss marketing practices, investigate consumer experiences, and the dynamics of the marketing organisation with regards to the transnational context and relevance. We also invite papers that study consumer preferences, marketing environment, marketing strategy, segmentation analysis, consumer reference points, marketing theory, modelling and so on. Critical and novel approaches and methods are particularly welcome.

Transnational Marketing Journal facilitates and encourages the contribution of academic research as well as bringing the practitioner and consumer voices into the scholarly debate. TMJ invites scholars from marketing and other cognate disciplines in management and social sciences. TMJ welcomes (a) interdisciplinary work, (b) papers with mixed-method approach, (c) critical and radical approaches. Submissions can be in the form of (a) research papers, theoretical or conceptual papers, (b) case studies, (c) debates, viewpoints, (d) research notes, (e) data presentation.

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