Editorial: Advancing Scholarship on Remittances

Jeffrey H. Cohen


The articles included in this issue of Remittance Review reinforce our continued efforts in maturation of theory in the study of remittance practices (see Sirkeci, Cohen, Ratha, 2012 and Ratha and Sirkeci, 2010). The themes addressed go well beyond concerns with the physical nature of remittances, direction of flows and outcomes of remittance practices in an economic vacuum. In fact, the authors whose articles are included here, work from the belief that remittances are best understood within a political economy framework that emphasizes global market forces, pays careful attention to how remittances are embedded in culture and society, and recognizes how remittances as well as migration influence, and are influenced by, kinship.


remittances; theory; remittance prices; social remittances; South Asia; United Kingdom; development; MTOs

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