Book Review

Bharati Basu


Migrating into Financial Markets, How Remittances Became a Development Tool by Matt Bakker, Chicago: University of California Press, 2015, pp. 283, ISBN: 9780520285460.

Over the last three decades scholars and policy makers have made efforts to evaluate the potential for international remittance transfers as the tool for economic development in the context of different countries and for different time periods. There is evidence that remittances increase student retention rate in El Salvador (Edwards and Ureta 2003) and remittances increase investment in entrepreneurship (McCormick and Wahba 2001, Dustman and Kirchman 2002, Woodruff and Zenteno 2007 and Mesnard 2004). Taylor, Rozelle and Brauw (2003) have reported increased expenditure on agricultural investment.


Matt Bakker; remittances; development; financial markets

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