Editorial: Introducing Remittances Review

Ibrahim Sirkeci


Remittances Review is a new journal that offers a quality outlet for exchanges between academics, researchers, and policy makers. There are more journals dealing with migration than ever before, and most have similar mandates to publish research for researchers. There has been a proliferation of journals in migration studies in the last five to ten years. However, most have grown with similar mandates that replicate breadth and interests. Remittances Review is the first international academic peer reviewed journal dedicated to money transfers, migrant remittances and the challenges and issues related to these flows across borders. Remittances Review invites contributions that include new data, rigorous research, and thoughtful analysis. We expect quality contributions that advance theory and methods as well as drawing implications for policy and practice. Readers will benefit from cutting edge research conceptual innovations, and reviews and reports.


Remittances; social remittances; money transfers; development; movers; mobility; non-movers

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