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Migration Letters

Migration Letters  is an international leading scholarly journal for researchers, students, scholars who investigate human migration as well as practitioners and quick dissemination of research in the field through its letter type format enabling concise sharing of short accounts of research, debates, case studies, book reviews and viewpoints in this multidisciplinary field of social sciences.

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Vol 15, No 2 (2018): SI: Immigration and Crime

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Guest edited by Robert M. Adelman, Charis E. Kubrin, Graham Ousey, and Lesley Williams Reid.

Table of Contents


New Directions in Research on Immigration, Crime, Law, and Justice PDF
Robert M. Adelman, Charis E. Kubrin, Graham C. Ousey, Lesley W. Reid 139-146

Special Issue Articles

Investigating the Offending Histories of Undocumented Immigrants PDF
Bianca Bersani, Adam D. Fine, Alex R. Piquero, Laurence Steinberg, Paul J. Frick, Elizabeth Cauffman 147-166
The Migration-Crime Nexus and the Press in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom PDF
Alexander A Caviedes 167-181
'Bad Hombres': The Effects of Criminalizing Latino Immigrants through Law and Media in the Rural Midwest PDF
Andrea Gomez Cervantes, Daniel Alvord, Cecilia Menjívar 182-196
Immigration and Violent Crime in California, 1980-2012: Contextualization by Temporal Period and Race/Ethnicity PDF
Ben Feldmeyer, Darrell Steffensmeier, Casey T. Harris, Shahin Tasharrofi 197-214
Arresting Immigrants: Unemployment and Immigration Enforcement PDF
Kara Joyner 215-238
Violent Crime and Immigrant Removals: Reasons and Determinants of Immigrant Deportations, 1908-1986 PDF
Ryan D. King, Denise Obinna 239-254
Crimmigration, Deportability and the Social Exclusion of Noncitizen Immigrants PDF
Shirley P. Leyro, Daniel L. Stageman 255-265
Recent Shifts in the Volume, Nature, and Scope of State Immigration Policies in the United States PDF
Lisa Marie Pierotte, Min Xie, Eric Baumer 266-283
“Felons, not Families”: Criminalized illegality, stigma, and membership of deported “criminal aliens” PDF
Heidy Sarabia 284-300

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