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Transnational Press London is the publisher of independent academic journals and scholarly books. Currently the journal portfolio includes the following titles:

  • Migration Letters
  • Transnational Marketing Journal
  • Remittances Review
  • Kurdish Studies
  • Göç Dergisi
  • Border Crossing
  • Journal of Gypsy Studies

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Remittances Review

Remittances Review

Remittances Review is an interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing high quality research and scholarship on Remittances and Money Transfers with policy implication. Remittances Review (RR) was launched in 2016 and published twice a year (May and October) by Transnational Press London. 

Remittances Review aims at publishing research and scholarship with clear policy implication. Economics, Accounting, Finance, Sociology, Politics, Anthropology, Geography, Law are likely to be primary disciplinary areas the Journal is willing to attract. The current volume of remittances around the world is evidently went beyond 600 billion US Dollars a year and there is a growing market with many players entering every year. The dynamic nature of the field where development and regulation needs at macro level are often contradicting with individual and household needs where priority is on costs and savings. This poses challenges for companies, governments and individuals.


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